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Case Stydy Identity June 3, 2020

WordGen AI

We created a tool for content creators to use in their writing, image creation, audio transcription and much more.

The tool brings together various AI platforms including:-

  1. ChatGPT 3.5 and 4
  2. Stability AI for images
  3. Dall E2 and 3 for images
  4. Whisper for Audio transcription
  5. Azure voice over TTS

And others to deliver a wholistic creators solution


Create a generative AI platform for creators and marketers

  • Strategy

    Design Sprints, Workshops

  • Design

    Product Design, Dev Ops

  • Client


  • Production

    Design Sprints, Documentation

  • Platforms


Open Project
⬤ 01. Challenges

Making it easier for creators
To be inspired with new ideas
Create great content
and compete effectively

We have put together hundreds of prompts that make it easier for anyone to use AI for their needs.These prompts have been carefully engineered to give our uses the best outcomes possible.

With Cutting edge AI technology to help you be the best you can as  a creator.


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